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Stone by Stone approaches the story of a precious stone as a bladed weapon, between belief and self-defense, in the context of deprivation of liberty.


Manufacture sacrée restitue un travail d’enquête autour des marques, sigles, cachets et signatures lapidaires d’ouvriers dans l’art du bâti, des maçons aux tailleurs de pierre, des bâtisseurs de cathédrale de l’époque romane aux ouvriers contemporains.


A series of talismans as key rings from the pebbles on the Sainte-Odile site with Odylus residents, who are temporarily occupying places. Doubles are then shaped and decorated with an engraving of the Kenaz rune. This rune shaped in a corner of a roof symbolises the domesticated fire, the torch, the flame, in connection with the hearth or the household: in the past, the population was counted in number of « fire » or luminous « hearths », therefore readable at night. Kenaz, lined and inverted to form a cross, corresponds to the rune Gebo which means hospitality, gift or attachment.

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