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The Magic-Mediation Tarot is a non-divinatory and performative tarot designed by Cynthia Montier.

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A series of talismans as key rings from the pebbles on the Sainte-Odile site with Odylus residents, who are temporarily occupying places. Doubles are then shaped and decorated with an engraving of the Kenaz rune. This rune shaped in a corner of a roof symbolises the domesticated fire, the torch, the flame, in connection with the hearth or the household: in the past, the population was counted in number of « fire » or luminous « hearths », therefore readable at night. Kenaz, lined and inverted to form a cross, corresponds to the rune Gebo which means hospitality, gift or attachment.

*Get yourself one on http://editionscartonpate.com/


On one side, a series of precious, fetish or sacred objects, on the other, views from the rooms of the former Sainte-Odile clinic.
The ensemble is as much a whole as a mediation to operate in a collective egregore of personal belongings, amulets, talismans, gri-gri, family jewellery, or objects of burden or good luck charms collected with the residents and retranscribed in the form of building site banners to cover, adorn or adorn as an offering the dress and scaffolding of the former Sainte-Odile chapel.
The banners are hung with the residents in complicity with the site workers.


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