[Research tarot 2018–2022] – Tarot Magie-Mediation (Lapis). Non divinatory tarot for performative readings, 22 cards. 2020. Odylus, Strasbourg.

Activation of tarot cards from Cynthia Montier’s dispositive Tarot de Recherche.
Thoses cards are made from the stories of the residents of Sainte-Odile and in collaboration with the psycho-corporal therapist and shaman Flora Nizard during my residency in Odylus, temporary social and artistic residency in construction site of ancient clinic
The tarot readings give rise to performative gestures and the transmission of stories in the public space.


« On the walls of the cities can still be read signs of different families engraved, sculpted or hung: cabalistic seal, craftsman’s craftsmanship, facade ornament, wall anchor, front door or gable impost markings appliances, walls or popular constructions through traditions.

Between recognition, belonging, protection and blessing, these signs give the art of building a singular symbolism or eclectic that comes to charge a building.

Within this range of symbolic languages, the rune – runic alphabet or Futhark – can be translated as « whispered secret »; within the walls or stone, it is said to be endowed with specific powers when used for talismans, amulets or divination objects.

Cynthia Montier realises a series of talismans as key rings from the pebbles on the Sainte-Odile site with Odylus residents, who are temporarily occupying places. Doubles are then shaped and decorated with an engraving of the Kenaz rune. This rune shaped in a corner of a roof symbolises the domesticated fire, the torch, the flame, in connection with the hearth or the household: in the past, the population was counted in number of « fire » or luminous « hearths », therefore readable at night. Kenaz, lined and inverted to form a cross, corresponds to the rune Gebo which means hospitality, gift or attachment.

Cornerstones, keystones or stone hearths, these stone doubles are abandoned in the city at the end of the day of the lease of the Odylus, as one would return keys and their duplicates to the owner of a property. »

Stones from Sainte-Odile. 2020. Odylus, Strasbourg. Artist book, FR
A4, Double-sided, 48 p.