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“Private is political“ is an online dispositive of conversation between women artists and researchers. Using chating or browsing apps, women invited meet virtually to exchange visual references about domestic art as work condition and about the presence of women in public sphere regarding intimacy and spirituality. This gathering is readable from both physical and digital […]


Ritual of hopscotch – esotericogeographical attempt is a ritual initiated by Cynthia Montier & Ophelie Naessens, and activated from November 30 to December 01 on the occasion of the Rituals season of the Magasin des Horizons in Grenoble during autumn 2019.


Intuitive and sensorial knowledges become datas, displaying dialogical formats & dispositives through which conversation is experienced as a form.


Interacting directly & symbolically with vernacular environments and communities at the intersection between life and aesthetics, art is experienced as a social & collective engagement.


The Research Tarot is a non-divinatory tarot composed of 78 cards (80×145 mm) for as many figures. In contrast to the traditional Tarot de Marseille, the Tarot de Recherche draws on creative gestures and militant postures that predate it. Each reading engages an intervention: a research, an interview, or a performative gesture.